Workplace stress

Managing Workplace Stress

Do you have days at work when your stress levels are through the roof? If so, you’re not alone! Many people have days where they feel overwhelmed...
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Role Demographics Blog

Role Demographics 2023

Have you ever considered the demographics of your position, if a particular sex dominates the field you work in, whether there are more permanent or ...
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Interviews with Women in Tech

Devonshire are owned by Paragon Group, a leading business and customer communications company present in over 20 countries. Paragon are a great ...
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What is Resenteeism?

First came the trends of “great resignation” and “quiet quitting”. Now, the workplace is battling “resenteeism”, a new workplace ...
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How to stay motivated at work

Do you sometimes have a day where you’re struggling mentally or stressed by your workload, that even the simplest of things like replying to an ...
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