How to Fall in Love With Your Job All Over Again

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Valentine’s Day… The day when we secretly hope for flowers, chocolates, and gestures, but outwardly complain the day is too commercialised or distasteful! But enough of our home life!

What can we do to reignite the spark and fall back in love with our jobs?

Below are some little things that you can do to help…

Working in the office? Organise a snack rota!

Organise your office calendar and appoint one person per week to bring in some goodies.

Organise a social outing once a month

This could be a team ‘coffee and cake’ or a lunch/after work meet-up, but it should be outside the office.

Rearrange your desk

We have all head the saying “a tidy desk is a tidy mind”, so why not think about de-cluttering your desk or mix it up and give yourself something new to look at?

Increase your light

Do you have enough light, is your screen at the right brightness? If the answer is no – fix it. There are tons of research on the importance of light and how it contributes to both efficiency and happiness.

Have a good breakfast

It really is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up to be productive, and prevents you from snacking on bad things during the day.

Take your lunch break

Take a break in the middle of the day. Step away from your desk, grab some lunch and if you can go for a walk to get the blood flowing, do so!

Make a to-do list every day

Beginning each day with this activity helps make an efficient schedule – plus it’s super satisfying to check things off throughout the day!

Plan and work ahead

It sounds simple, but it can be quite challenging. If you can do it, it will make a world of difference to you and your colleagues.

Book a holiday

Haven’t had a break in a while – book a holiday! Sometimes the key to recharge really is that simple!

Bring your pet to work day

Check with your boss first and be aware of those with allergies of course, but a puppy has never seen a bad attitude they couldn’t cure.

Give a complement to a colleague

You never know when someone’s having a bad day. A kind word can make a big difference in someone’s day.

Make someone else look great

Did someone impress you in their effort or their results? Give them a shout out. It will mean a lot to them, and it will make you look like a strong team player.

Make a new friend

Is there someone at your office you don’t know well? Better yet, is there someone you don’t quite get along with? Try to get to know them, have a coffee break together and see if you can make a new “work bestie”.

Bring in a bouquet of flowers or pot plant for the reception area

What a nice way to be greeted at the office every morning! Plants in the office are proven to add a wealth of benefits, including boosted productivity, reduced sickness and absence rates.

Celebrate birthdays and milestones

Cover the desks with balloons, bring in a cake, or set up a secret ‘video call’ with colleagues to help celebrate special dates.

Be a motivator

Encourage your colleagues, and never put them down. If they mess up, look at it as a teaching moment.

Don’t wait to be asked

If you know your boss needs something done, do it before it’s needed. Your boss will be impressed with your initiative, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Attack the root of the problem

If there’s a problem in the office, don’t just put a band-aid on it. Get to the real issue and solve it.

Communicate with more patience

Even if you’ve already given the same instructions 5 times to someone, tell them a 6th time when they ask. Someday you’ll need this same patience from someone else.

Be humble

No one likes a bragger, especially colleagues. Remember, work is a team sport.

Clean up someone else’s mess

Whether it’s a nightmare in the microwave or a bad client interaction, if someone is struggling, volunteer to fix it even though you didn’t break it. Helping colleagues pays dividends later.

Resolve conflict

Remember, some conflict is good, from disagreement and debates often come great ideas!
But if its unhealthy, resolve it ASAP as you never want to leave anyone in your team upset or uncomfortable at work.

Do one nice thing every day

Put it on the checklist you make every morning. It could be bringing someone a cup of coffee, or volunteering to complete an annoying task. We all need to build up the karma.

Approach challenges as a new opportunity

Not every uphill battle or problem has to be treated as an arduous task. Consider the opportunity you have to rethink processes.

Leave a trail of manageable processes

Eventually, you’ll probably leave your position for a new opportunity, so from the beginning, keep a “how to” guide for your job. It will help when you transition up – and it’ll even help when you go on vacation!

Give out weekly or monthly prizes

Who wore the best socks? Made the funniest joke? Mark the little moments.

Homemade Valentine’s Day cards

Everyone likes getting a Valentine’s Day card. But making it by hand, and including a nice complement for each person, makes it extra special.

Hide little chocolate hearts around the office

Attach a little note indicating it’s theirs to enjoy. It will brighten someone’s day!

Start a book club/listen to a podcast

This is a fun, relaxing way to find common ground with your colleagues and take in some good literature/information.

Make a list of what you like

When you’re feeling down about your job, make a list of what you like about it. It might surprise you how much you enjoy!

Find a new job!

When it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. Don’t be afraid to make a change when it’s necessary.

If you follow some or all these little points and still don’t love your job, why not reach out to us to see if we can help you find your next role! Check out our live roles here:

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