What is Conscious Quitting?

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Another new trend has come to light in the job market, and it’s being dubbed as ‘conscious quitting’. This is where once happy employees are wanting to quit their current job because of their dissatisfaction with the company’s values and culture and are looking to work for companies that are creating an inclusive and sustainable future.

This movement is being led by Gen Z who are looking to work for a company that are inclusive, value sustainability in the workplace and have mission-driven values. Gen Z is expected to make up 27% of the workforce by 2025, making them a key demographic to pay attention to when hiring.

According to the Net Positive Employee Barometer, two-thirds of the 4000 employees surveyed were not satisfied with the efforts of businesses in regards to environmental and societal challenges. Additionally, nearly half of the respondents said they would consider resigning if their values didn’t align and a third of these employees reported that they have already quit their jobs.

What is Conscious Quitting?

Unlike wanting to leave a job due to general grievances, “conscious quitting” is driven by ethical and moral concerns and employees are resigning from their jobs due to their values not being aligned with the company. For many employees, including Gen Z workers, they want to see that the company they are working for have a positive impact on the world and prioritise environmental and social values at work. They want to see a real change and won’t tolerate any form of greenwashing, so are looking to work for a company that is serious about being sustainable.

While conscious quitting can lead to new opportunities and a sense of purpose for employees, companies can look at ways to prevent this from happening by prioritising ethical considerations and create a culture which aligns with the values of their employees. This will highlight the importance of shared values and the impact it has on employee retention and job satisfaction

Why are people conscious quitting?

As employees strive to work for companies that positively impact the world, they are increasingly leaving companies that do not align with their values.
With ethical and moral concerns on the rise, conscious quitting is gaining popularity among workers of all ages but is particularly resonating with Gen Z and Millennial employees and companies with poor sustainability records or policies around diversity and inclusion may experience higher rates of people who hand in their notice.

How can businesses encourage sustainability in the workplace?

Companies that are choosing to create a positive impact on the world and practice ethical values are more attractive to employees looking for a new role. To retain the current workforce and avoid people wanting to leave due to their moral obligations, creating a strong and positive company culture is essential. It’s no longer enough for companies to offer benefits including bonuses and perks; the era of conscious quitting is upon us, and they will need to do something about it to entice and retain employees.

Businesses can increase the sustainability of their operations by being open about their environmental initiatives, and be transparent about their sustainability measures and the benefits they have had on the environment. This will enable them to engage with millennials and members of Gen Z who are enthusiastic about sustainability.

Companies should also think about implementing green business practices, such as cutting back on energy use, switching to renewable energy sources, and purchasing environmentally friendly goods. These actions will not only lessen their carbon footprint but also demonstrate that the business is dedicated to bringing positive change in the globe.

Businesses could consider rewarding staff members who support environmental projects or make sustainable purchases. Discounts on environmentally friendly goods could be offered, as well as offering incentives for walking or cycling to work rather than a car.

How to find a job that aligns with greener values?

Although conscious quitting requires self-awareness and courage, it could lead to new opportunities and a sense of purpose for many people.

Job seekers are prioritising morally conscious values when looking for a new role and are are more focused on finding a company who chooses to positively create an impact on sustainability rather than just making money.

The chances are if you’re reading this, then this applies to you too! So, what can you do? As an individual, you can start by being mindful of your actions and encourage others around you to follow suit. Before actively quitting your current role, bring up your issues with your company to see what they are doing to combat sustainability issues. However, if this doesn’t work, here are some tips for finding a job with greener values:

  • Research companies that have a track record of sustainability and focus on green initiatives. Look at their mission statements and find the section of their website that highlights their commitment to fighting climate change and promoting sustainability within the workplace.
  • Read reviews and talk to current employees about what it’s like to work for the company, including their approach to sustainability. Glassdoor provides unbiased reviews of the company, so starting here is a good shout!
  • Use social media as a resource to connect with others who have shared values and interests in environmental protection. LinkedIn is a great place to do this, and you can easily make yourself known by connecting and engaging with the right people.
  • Follow leaders, activists and organisations online that can provide motivation, advice and resources that relate to your cause.
  • Register with Devonshire, speak with our recruiters and highlight what you’re looking for from your next role, and they’ll be able to match you with an employer that aligns with your morals and values.

So, if you’re feeling like conscious quitting and looking for a new role that has more eco-friendly values, then why not contact one of our recruiters today! They can assist you in finding a new job that is more focused on sustainability, which will lead to you being a happier employee, whilst creating a happier planet!

Visit our meet the team page to have a look at the areas our recruiters work in and reach out to them for an informal chat.

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