How to make your LinkedIn profile stand out if you’re looking for a new job

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If you’re looking for a new role, you will undoubtedly go through a few steps to ensure you’re ready to start applying for available vacancies. These will most probably include deciding what it is you are looking for next, updating your CV and creating a cover letter template. But, have you updated and optimised your LinkedIn profile? 

LinkedIn can be an essential tool when it comes to job hunting, not only can you apply to many jobs on there but if you have lots of relevant information on your profile, then recruiters can find you and directly contact you if they are working on a suitable role. 

Therefore, to ensure you are making the most out of LinkedIn, we have listed a few tips for you to follow below. 


Update your profile 

First of all, do you have a LinkedIn profile? If the answer is no, then now could be a great chance to make one and if the answer is yes, when did you last update it? LinkedIn is predominantly known for job searching and finding opportunities, but aside from this, it is also a great tool to network and keep on top of industry news and trends. You can also set your profile so it shows others that you are looking for a new role. If you are making a profile from scratch or revamping an existing one, here are some things to keep in mind:


Have an up-to-date professional pic 

Now this picture doesn’t need to be a super smart headshot of you in your best suit, but remember it is a professional social media platform after all. Therefore, try and keep away from any pics that look like you’re out and about on the weekend with your friends and instead go for something where you are well-presented and on your own. 


Mirror your CV 

So, hopefully if you’re on the hunt for a new job then you have already updated your CV (if you need some pointers, then please visit our blog post here). If you have, then this makes the next step super easy… Just make sure you pretty much transfer all the essential information from it to your LinkedIn profile. This should include previous work experience, your key skills, any accomplishments and projects you have worked on. If you have any online work, for example a portfolio or a website, then be sure to link it on your profile too.


Make it stand out 

Try and make sure your LinkedIn profile looks polished. For example, add a relevant cover photo and your correct job title so people can find you easily. You can also update your LinkedIn URL so it describes what you do, eg, your-name-accountant. Try and spend some time to write an engaging short summary about what you do and your experience in the ‘about you’ section as this is seen at the top of your profile. 


Ask for recommendations 

If you have had a previous role, why not ask a past colleague, boss or connection to write you a recommendation about yourself? This is really easy for them to do and is a great addition to your profile to show your previous accomplishments and work experience.  


Start posting and add featured content 

As we mentioned before, LinkedIn is a great tool for networking and for building a community with people in the same industry that you work in so consider posting your own content too. This could be anything from sharing relevant news articles, to writing your own about your industry as this will show you’re interested in your area of expertise. You can add these posts as featured content pieces as well as any other content decks that you have worked on in the past (such as presentations or blog posts, as long as you have permission to share them). 


So, there you are… These are some of our tips to help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile and help you secure a new role. If you are looking for a new opportunity, take a look at our live roles here or contact us on [email protected]. 


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