3 tips for writing a successful CV

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Are you looking for a new job this year?

If you want to stand out when applying for a new role, make sure you spend the time to create and review your CV before submitting it.

A good CV is all about marketing yourself and showing why you are best for the role. Here are some quick tips to consider when writing your CV:


Keep to the point

Your CV should be as concise as possible so think about keeping it to one or two pages and focus on quality not quantity. This can differ depending on the role you are applying for and the experience you have, however it is best to be clear and straight to the point.


Tailor to the job advert

Make sure you put the most relevant points first. What skills, accomplishments or experience do you have that is most essential to the role you are applying for? Think about keywords and review the job description to see the key skills so you can match it up with your CV and show you have the right skillset for the role.

To make sure you stand out, you should also spend the time to write a short and succinct personal statement. Before writing this, consider what memorable facts you want to be known for. A personal statement is a key opportunity to round-up your career journey and goals in a few sentences and communicate why you would be suitable for the role.


Make sure it’s up to date

Keep the skills, accomplishments and experience relevant and specific, you don’t need to put everything down. Check that what you are saying is up-to-date too, so put your current situation on there. You should try and avoid leaving gaps; if you have a break in employment, mention anything you accomplished during that time that could be relevant to your career, for example online courses or developing skills.


It’s best to take the time to review your CV before going straight into your job search, this includes proofreading and checking for spelling and grammar errors.

Bonus tip: Remember to update your LinkedIn profile when doing your CV so your online profile reflects your skillset too.


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