Introducing Hinterview video technology

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At Devonshire, we’re embracing digital trends and have invested in state-of-the-art video technology to streamline the entire recruitment process.

Hinterview Technology

Video interviewing is a common process in today’s recruitment industry, however we introduced Hinterview to provide an unrivalled and personalised service for both our clients and candidates.

So, how does it work? Our new video-engagement technology allows us to carry out two amazing features – Hinterview and Hintro.

Hintro is a one-way video tool that enables us to engage with our clients and candidates, whether it’s creating job specs, or introducing our candidates to clients. We’re able to attach CVs or portfolios to Hintros so we can provide a full candidate profile for our clients. Our clients can watch these videos on any device at a click of a button.

Using the Technology

We use Hinterview, a two-way video tool, to interview and screen candidates online, anywhere, at any time, and introduce our candidates to clients virtually. We can schedule and conduct five-minute video interviews using questions which can be specified by our clients. We can attach the candidate’s CVs alongside these videos and send them to hiring managers through direct, secure links for review. This allows managers to make more informed decisions on who to bring in for face-to-face interviews.

This dynamic software eliminates unnecessary first-stage interviews and allows us to present candidates to our clients in a far more efficient light. Plus, Hinterviews can break down location barriers so we can conduct these conversations from virtually anywhere.

Benefits for clients

  • You can pre-select questions you’d like us to ask candidates and we can create a unique shortlist of candidates specific to your position.
  • You can assess qualities like communication skills and see you can decide on the best culturally fit candidates to invite for face-to-face interviews.
  • You can watch these videos anywhere, at any time and provide immediate feedback to our recruiters, saving time and money.

Benefits for candidates

  • You’ll get the chance to showcase soft skills and bring your CV to life with your personality.
  • Hinterviews remove location barriers so you’ll be able to save travel time and cost.

For more information on how we can use this video technology to help you, please contact our expert consultants on 0203 047 4507 or email [email protected].


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