Tips for leading and motivating a remote team

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Leading a remote team can present many new challenges compared to working in the same office environment as your colleagues 

If you are managing a team and working from home, you may need to adapt existing strategies to support them virtually.  

Take a look at our tips on how you can lead your remote workforce effectively:


Communicate and check in frequently   

Make sure you optimise technology tools as much as possible to communicate with your team, this may include instant messaging platforms, emails and video software. Ensure you frequently interact with your team through these platforms, including as a whole and with individual members.

Even though you are not working in the same office environment, it’s important that they know you are available and there to reach out too whilst they are working remotely. Plus, clear communication can be essential for remote workers to help with productivity and teamwork. 


Give feedback   

In addition to communicating frequently with your team, it’s also worthwhile to provide as much feedback as possible. This could be for specific projects or about their performance over a certain period of time.

This will ensure your team knows their work is being recognised even though it is not seen directly in the workplace. This will not only help with their professional development, but also help to encourage and motivate team members in the future.

Additionally, consider scheduling weekly or bi-weekly one-to-one video meetings so you can provide feedback on a periodic basis.    


Set expectations and reinforce goals   

If you set goals and expectations, it can help your team to stay on track and know what they’re working towards. This is also beneficial for topics for your one-to-one calls and weekly catch ups so you can see what your team is accomplishing whilst at home. Additionally, this means you can understand their challenges and if they need any assistance for their projects.  

As well as going through individual goals and project tasks, consider reinforcing company goals and missions to provide direction if you find your team members become unmotivated whilst away from colleagues and the usual office environment.  


Maintain your company culture remotely   

Maintaining a good company culture remotely will help to boost morale, productivity and help your team to feel connected as a company. However, usual company culture methods may need to be adjusted to suit a virtual environment.

Think about bringing your team together for coffee catch ups to talk about topics unrelated to work, potentially at the end of the week, as this will help your team members to continue to build work relationships whilst not being in the office.  

Also, consider creating informative communications and employee shout-outs so you can celebrate successes and recognise good work as a team.

If your team feel connected as a company, it will help to motivate them throughout the week and reinforce teamwork.  


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