Nine Non-Salary Benefits That Can Make or Break a Job Offer

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Many job seekers focus solely on the salary when evaluating a potential career opportunity, however, employers now offer many additional non-salary benefits that can make all the difference in an employee’s happiness and success.

Flexible hours, training opportunities and wellness initiatives are just some examples of these valuable bonuses, which should be taken into account as much as any financial incentive. Let’s explore why such perks play an integral role in making or breaking a job package.

Flexible Working Hours 

Employers and employees alike are reaping the rewards of flexible working hours. Not only does this type of freedom allow workers to seamlessly integrate their professional commitments with other important responsibilities outside of work, but it is also known for spurring increased productivity due to less stress and more motivation from having control over one’s own schedule. As a result, many employers today recognize the value in offering employees greater flexibility when managing their workloads.

Annual Leave 

Employers have a responsibility to ensure the wellbeing of their staff, and one way they can do this is by offering generous holiday allowance alongside other forms of paid time off such as sick leave and parental leave. Providing these provisions it shows employee appreciation while allowing them valuable breaks away from work without financial implications.

Employee Development Opportunities 

Employee development opportunities such as training courses, mentorship programs, or conferences can be incredibly valuable for both employers and employees alike. These types of programs can help develop an employee’s skillset which in turn increases productivity and morale at work.

Employers should offer these types of opportunities so that their employees can stay up-to-date with industry trends while also learning new skills that will help them advance professionally.  These programs also provide invaluable networking opportunities which can open up new possibilities for career advancement within the organization or externally. 

Wellness Benefits 

Wellness benefits such as gym memberships, massage sessions, health insurance plans, or even free healthy food at work can go a long way in making sure your employees stay happy and healthy during their time at work. 

These types of benefits show that you care about your employees’ wellbeing which in turn creates a positive workplace environment that encourages collaboration and creativity among staff members. Additionally, these benefits can lead to improved performance from employees who feel supported by their employer which is why they should always be considered when creating a job package. 

Health & Dental Insurance  

Having access to private quality healthcare is an invaluable asset that can be provided by your employer through health and dental insurance. Not only does this perk benefit you, but it also can extend to other members of your family, allowing them the chance to receive private medical care regardless of circumstances. This job package addition provides many people with a necessary peace of mind for good mental and physical wellbeing!

Equity Packages

Equity packages are becoming more popular with businesses in recent years as they look to give their staff something extra beyond salary alone. Equity packages usually involve stocks in the company which gives employees a financial incentive based on the success of the business – meaning everyone is invested in helping it succeed! It also shows appreciation for hardworking staff members who go above and beyond when it comes to doing their jobs well. 

Refer a Friend

Many companies also offer referral bonuses when they hire someone that has been recommended by someone already working at the company. This kind of bonus is beneficial both to those referring friends (more money) and those being referred (a foot in the door). It’s always worth asking potential employers whether they offer referral bonuses so that you know what options are available once you’ve started working there!


Depending on what kind of role you’re applying for, commission could also be offered as part of your job package. Commission provides not only an incentive to perform well but also creates an opportunity for additional income based on how much effort you put into each task assigned to you. For example, if you’re working in sales commission could act as a reward for meeting particular sales goals each month or quarter. A win-win for you and the company, as you can both reap the rewards!

Signing and Bonus Packages

In addition to being able to negotiate salary during the hiring process, many employers also offer signing bonuses or other bonus packages that provide additional financial incentives upon accepting the role or hitting certain performance goals throughout the year. Again, this shows that the company value all the hard work that you put in throughout the year, whilst benefitting your wallet! 

Non-salary benefits can make all the difference when it comes to finding your perfect job package – whether it’s wellbeing perks, flexible hours or equity packages! The key is finding an employer who understands what you need and values your contribution enough to offer these types of benefits alongside competitive salaries – so don’t forget to ask about any extras when looking for a job with Devonshire!

If you have any particular perks in mind our skilled recruiters will be able to find something that meets your requirements. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you on your quest to find a new role with an amazing benefits package! 


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