New year, new job? 5 steps to help you find your dream role

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“New week, new year, new me, new job, new life, new perfect everything…” is something we all hear a lot around this time, however our Managing Director, Samantha Crocker, discusses how you can make sure you reach your goal of finding a new job in 2022.

The first full week of January is over.

We’ve had time to reflect on the year gone. We’ve also had time to break, ignore and cancel out all of the resolutions we’d made regarding health, wealth, exercise and meditation…. (or, maybe that’s just me). But we can now focus on what is important, career-wise, for the future.

Now is a great time to review the busy job market and assess the choices before us, are you happy, fulfilled, feeling appreciated and wanting to continue your journey with your current employer to see what 2022 brings? Perfect. Or, are you one of the many thousands who are contemplating making a move and finding your new ‘perfect dream job’?

If you fall into the latter camp, I’d recommend a few tips and tricks to get you started.


Make your list

Before pressing ‘send CV’ and applying for every open position on the internet, let’s take a moment to reflect on:

(a) What companies interest you? (Big corporates who offer training, progression and long-term gains? Small boutiques where you can make an impact immediately? Creative? Finance? The list is endless; work out what you actually want.

(b) What culture suits you? Do you want to return to the office? A hybrid role? Or, maybe completely remote? (In which case the location of the employer could be anywhere). Narrow this down from the start so you only apply for relevant positions and opportunities.

(c) What would be your ideal job role? What interests you, what value can you bring and what can the employer offer you? This is the most exciting part of applying for a new role.


Revamp your resume

You might not have changed your role or company in the last 12 months but for sure, you’ve been involved in projects, campaigns, implementations or presentations that will be of interest to your future employer. Update your CV, include your accomplishments and always read through one final time before sending.


Update your social media

Your list is complete, your CV is ready, now transfer your accomplishments and latest success stories to your social media. Write engaging headlines and copy, update any photos and try to have up-to-date references online too.


Prepare your references

It’s always polite and worthwhile to check in with any references you might like to use going forward. Prepare them, let them know they might be contacted and reconfirm any contact details.


Set yourself a target (or maybe a ‘January Resolution’)

Applying for a new job is a full-time job. Agree you’ll apply for four jobs a week, or whatever you think is a realistic but an achievable goal for you. Maybe you can attend a networking event (Covid dependent), or an online forum where you can expand your professional network. You should look to achieve small, actionable steps that can help to achieve your final goal – your dream job.


Wishing you all success and happiness in 2022! If you would like to find out how Devonshire can help you land your dream job this year, please contact [email protected] or take a look at the full list of live roles here.


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