National Inclusion Week: What inclusion means to us

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As an organisation, and particularly as a recruitment agency, diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of what we do.
We understand how important hiring a diverse workforce can be for a company and how beneficial an inclusive culture can be for both individuals and organisations.

To celebrate National Inclusion Week and this year’s theme #UnitedForInclusion, we asked our team what inclusion means to them.

Have a read of our team’s thoughts below:


Samantha Crocker, Managing Director

“To me, inclusion means complete and unconditional acceptance, without exception.”


Aimée Wilson, Marketing Executive

“To me, inclusion means that everyone feels empowered, confident and comfortable to be themselves. It’s about mutually respecting and valuing people’s differences and understanding that this is what makes us all so unique.”


Ash Barrett, Business Support Consultant

“To me, inclusion means seeing everyone treated fairly and having access to the same opportunities, no matter their differences.”


Georgia Chevalier, Business Support Consultant

“Regardless of what you are or you are not, what you have or you don’t have, inclusion is ensuring everyone can have the same opportunities and feel equal anywhere, anytime, any place.”


Michele Rielly, Office & Operations Manager

“Inclusion at work is the culture that we create as a company so that teams feel comfortable and confident to be themselves. It’s about making sure everyone feels welcomed, valued, respected and most importantly, is able to express who they choose to be.

It’s important to encourage working collaboratively and having open conversations so that everyone is heard by their colleagues and they understand each other’s diverse backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.”


Jo Cameron, Manager – Business Support

“I consider workplace inclusion to be a place where I feel valued and accepted within my immediate team and in the wider organisation, without having to fit a certain stereotype. A place where there is support for employees, regardless of our background or circumstance, and where we can thrive.

When employees don’t feel that their ideas, presence or contributions are truly valued or taken seriously by their organisation, they will eventually seek alternative employment.”


Andreea Vomir, IT & Development Consultant

“To me, diversity and inclusion means learning and growth. With learning and growth comes success and with this comes a sense of fulfilment in both my professional and personal life. Workplace inclusion brings different perspectives on how to approach tasks, and diverse and inclusive teams are more likely to focus on innovation.”


What does inclusion mean to you? We would love to hear your thoughts. Let us know by dropping us an email on [email protected].

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