How to write a good job description for a digital marketing position

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The key to attracting the right candidates, is to ensure you’re writing your job descriptions correctly. Writing a job description isn’t necessarily something you’ll have ever been taught, so it can be tricky knowing how much detail to include, to make sure you get the right applications through.

A job description is the first indication a candidate will have of whether or not they’re suitable and qualified for the role, so in our experience, the more detail and information you can give, the better.

Here are some things to remember when writing your digital marketing job description:

Include a clear role and title

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how many companies (especially in digital marketing) get this wrong. Take for examples a job description for a ‘Digital Marketer’. From the title, this job sound quite broad and could include many different disciplines and skills. You might find after thinking about it a little more, that what you actually need is an ‘Email Marketer’ or a ‘Social Media Manager’.

Are any qualifications needed?

If you expect your candidates to have certain qualifications, then you need to be open about this at the start of the job description. Don’t just think about academic qualifications though (such as degrees). Think about industry qualifications too, such as the Google AdWords certification. If you believe any of these to be crucial to the job, then you definitely need to list them. To attract a digital marketer you need to be clear about which disciplines and sub-industries are relevant to the role.

Are there any special skills that would be beneficial to the role?

If you’re hiring for creative roles within digital, you might want to list any additional skills that would be useful for the candidate to have. Take for example a Social Media Manager role. Whilst managing accounts, writing and scheduling is all important – photography is also a great skill for a candidate to have. Customer service experience is also very relevant to social media, so you may want to mention that too.

What management level should the candidate be at?

One of the most common mistakes many candidates make, is applying for jobs that are too senior for their experience level. Mainly this comes down to management experience. If you’re finding that you get a lot of junior applications for managerial positions, then you need to make it clearer in the job description. Put it right at the beginning of the job description, and state that you’ll only be interviewing people with relevant managerial experience.

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