Why do you need an in-house digital content creator?

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As more brands turn to digital media for marketing and communications, online content becomes more and more important. Online marketing and online content should be a priority for all brands looking to improve their marketing efforts.

Digital Content Creator

The best brands out there, who are truly succeeding online, are the brands who allow flexibility, fluidity and spontaneity within their online marketing and content strategy. The ability to push out content quickly, and react to news or current events gives your brand an edge online, as you’ll look current, aware and relevant.

If you look closely at slower-reactive brands, you’ll find they’re probably struggling behind lead-times, deadlines or multi-person approval processes – often caused by not having someone in house.

Hiring an in house content creator can give you the freedom you need to stand out. When you’re having to outsource content creation to an agency or freelancer, the content process goes a little like this:

  1. Write a brief
  2. Find a freelancer/agency (could involve lots of research time)
  3. Ensure chosen freelancer/agency is available and affordable
  4. Send brief to freelancer/agency
  5. Wait for first draft
  6. Give feedback on first draft
  7. Wait for second draft
  8. Give feedback on second draft

And so on.

Outsourcing Content Creation

It’s one of the big disadvantages of outsourcing content creation. It’s not a quick process. And, if the designer or content creator doesn’t grasp the brief quickly, it can take multiple rounds of amends, phone calls and emails to get it right.

Hiring someone in house puts a stop to this back and forth. Suddenly, you have someone who is tasked to understand and know your brand inside out. Their job is to create content for your brand, so their knowledge of your house style (fonts, colours, tone of voice) will already be much better than any external designer or content creator.

But it’s not just about how easy briefing becomes.

When you’re working with an in house content creator, you are working together much more closely. If you think the brief may be a little tricky, you can sit in on the first draft to ensure it’s going in the right direction. If you get to a second draft stage, your in-house content creator can take feedback directly from you (instead of over email or over the phone). It’s surprising how much this can benefit the creative process.

Aside from making the process quicker and easier, having someone onboard who is a content creator lets you create more content. It makes content a priority. Why should you create more content? It’s the backbone of online marketing. Great content will help your company blog read better, it’ll help your social media stand out, and it can make your online advertisements perform better too.

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