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Have you got a video interview coming up? Our Country Manager for Luxembourg and Finance and Legal Recruitment Consultant, Tudor Hîncu, discusses how you can master your interview in a virtual environment. 

The pandemic completely digitalised our relationships, our exchanges and even our interviews. Even though we are slowly going back to ‘normality’, this virtual format isn’t going anywhere for interviews. In this article, you will find the essential key points for a successful video job interview.   


Be prepared

Some of our preliminary recommendations, although obvious, are too often overlooked. This interview format is based on a possible connection and you need to make sure you are well-prepared beforehand to make sure it goes smoothly. 

You need to make sure you have your interviewer’s contact details immediately available to alert them in the event of a video failure. You should also test the video system and your technology, including your internet connection, in advance and ensure you have something as a back-up, eg, your phone.  

You should also adjust your settings before the interview and ensure you will be in a quiet and well-lit environment, and you could test this visual as though you are “on stage”, eg, by calling a friend to see how it portrays on screen.  


Remove all distractions

Your interview must take place in a suitable environment and all forms of disturbances and distractions should be removed. Make it clear to anyone you live with that you will need quietness for the time period your interview is scheduled for to ensure you are not disrupted and deactivate the notifications on your smartphone and on your computer.  


Prepare a case that will make the difference

Deep analysis of the company 

Your research will include, for example, the legal form of the company, the headquarters, management type, and organisational chart. To do this, you should analyse the website, the associated articles and information from relevant social networks and try and take in as much information as possible so you have a clear summary of the company in mind. 

In addition, you must decode the values of the company. If these are not explicit on their website, then social networks will help you. Navigate the personal networks of leaders, press articles or comments. All the sourced information will help you to understand the DNA of the company. Therefore, all this work will stimulate your agility and your ability to answer future questions. 

Take notes 

This is a part that unfortunately many interviewees forget. You should prepare a blank sheet of paper and a pen so you have it to-hand to make any notes throughout the interview.  


Dress smart for the camera

This digitised interview format doesn’t require you to brave outside temperatures and other weather conditions so luckily you do not risk getting your hair messy or being stuck in the rain. However, bear in mind that the dress codes for interview remain strictly the same as for physical interviews. It is imperative to be carefully prepared, adjusted and to be in line with the position you are aiming for.  


Maintain the rhythm

It is imperative that you refocus your attention and concentration, much more than in a face-to-face interview. And it is precisely during these interviews that candidates have troubles keeping up the rhythm. The very conditions of the interview, mainly the loneliness, unconsciously lower the level of attention. Maintain eye contact with your interview, be attentive and focused from the beginning to the end of the interview.  


End it well

Certainly, your interview is based on a good internet connection, but above all on excellent communication. Your voice is digitalised by the microphone, so don’t forget to adopt a clear and audible diction. Indeed, in the video interview, the final gong is not punctuated by a physical output, but by an electronic cut. We must reinvent our outings because in video meetings or physical interviews, outings are sometimes no longer accompanied by a hand shake.

The end of the interview will always be accompanied by a thank you for the exchange, specifying that you remain available for any other questions. Know how to conclude by emphasising again your interest and motivation for the position. Finally, don’t forget to leave the video call which will, finally, be the final gong of this interview. 


The pandemic required us to adapt as quickly as possible to the new world. The video interview is the solution allowing the recruitment process to continue. Be ready and prepared for the future because digitalisation is undoubtedly one of the new recruitment formats of tomorrow. 


If you are looking for a new role or looking to hire in the Finance & Legal sector, contact Tudor on [email protected]. Visit our job search page here to see our latest roles. 


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