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If you’re in the process of finding a new role and are at interview or even offer stages (congratulations by the way) then you may find yourself asking questions on whether this new job and company is right for you. 

Moving jobs is a very exciting time, however it can also be one of the biggest decisions you will make, especially if you’re happy where you are at the moment. But could you be happier elsewhere? 

To help you figure out your next move, we’ve listed some questions below that you should bear in mind to see if the company you are potentially joining is right for you. 


What is their company culture like? 

Company culture is a big factor when it comes to finding a place that’s right for you. This comes down to how the employees interact and work with each other on a day-to-day basis. This may be hard to see if you have been interviewed remotely, but you can ask questions to find out more about this.

For example, how do they recognise and celebrate successes? Do they host social events so employees can bond and get to know each other? If you visited on-site for your interview, you may be able to identify some of this first hand and by also looking at the company’s social media pages. 


What are the working hours/is there flexibility? 

Have you discussed to see what the working hours and expectations are and if they offer any flexibility for this? Flexible working opportunities have sky-rocketed since the pandemic and many candidates are expecting to see this in place when considering new opportunities to help with work-life balance.  


What is the work-life balance like? Would you be based on-site, hybrid or remote? 

Again, also contributing to work-life balance could be the working environment which you would be carrying out your new duties if you get the job. Have you discussed whether this is on-site, remote or a mix of both (hybrid) and does this work for you?

Asking for a fully remote or hybrid role wasn’t very common before the pandemic, however for some this is a very important factor when looking for a new role. And it is also worthwhile to identify how you best work, do you prefer to be based mainly at home or do you prefer to be based in a workplace?  


What benefits do they have? 

Do the benefits on offer suit you and would they motivate you to work? Do you feel like the company has built a benefit package that supports and invests in your future?

You should work out what a good benefit package looks like to you and see how theirs matches up as this is what differentiates them to other companies and may impact how long you want to stay there for. 


Is there career progression?  

Is there a clear career progression at the company that you want to follow? Has the company mentioned how they review salaries, progression and promotions?

This is something you should consider if you are thinking about staying with them for a long period of time so you know what the expectations are and what your future may look like there. 


Do your values align? 

Lastly, have you noted down what the company’s core values are and what they stand for? You should find out what they do to stand by them and whether these are similar to your fundamental beliefs too.  


Ultimately, you will never really know if a company is right for you until you take the plunge and try it out for yourself, however the questions above are some good guidelines to follow if you’re on the fence. Good luck with whatever path you choose!  

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