How to Deal With Job Interview Jitters

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Congratulations! You have an upcoming job interview and are one step closer to landing your dream job. While that’s an exciting prospect, it can also be a source of stress. After all, interviews are nerve-wracking experiences. To reduce your nerves, it’s essential to prepare and understand how to deal with job interview stress. 

We all feel a certain degree of anxiety when we are going in for an interview, remember, it’s normal and natural. But don’t fret – there are plenty of ways to manage job interview stress. 

We’ve compiled some tips to help you prepare for and get through your interview with confidence and enthusiasm that will hopefully help land you your dream role!  

Preparing Yourself Ahead of Time 

The first step in dealing with job interview stress is to prepare yourself ahead of time. This includes thoroughly researching the company that you’re interviewing with, planning what you want to say during the interview, and practising with a friend, family member or yourself as much as possible to gain confidence in your answers. 

Make sure you know where the office is located and allow yourself plenty of time to get there so that you don’t feel rushed or panicked when it’s time for your interview. Get your interview outfit out and ready the night before, so it’s one less thing to worry about on the day. These small details go a long way and will minimise your stress levels before your interview. Practice makes perfect; so always give yourself enough time prior to an upcoming job interview in order to adequately prepare!

Don’t Underestimate Yourself

Remember all of the hard work that has brought you here! You have skills and experiences that make you valuable to employers; remind yourself of them often and go into the interview with confidence in who you are and what you can offer. 

It can be easy to feel intimidated by the interviewer, especially if they have more experience or knowledge than you do in certain areas. But it’s important to remember that they are just another person who is looking for the right candidate for the job – and that could be you! So don’t let their credentials intimidate you; instead, draw on your own experiences and accomplishments when answering questions during the interview. This will not only help boost your confidence but also show them why you are a great fit for the role.  

Don’t Be Intimidated

Interviewers aren’t out to get you; in fact, they want nothing more than for someone with great potential to fill their open position! Keep this in mind while answering questions, as it can help ease any tension or stress that may arise during the process.

Additionally, try to smile during your answers, as this shows that you’re relaxed and confident in what you’re saying. It also helps create a positive atmosphere between both parties so that everyone feels comfortable with each other’s presence, which is always beneficial when trying to land a job! 

Practice Self-Care Before an Interview 

It’s important to take care of yourself before a job interview, as this will help you stay calm and focused during the process. Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before, and eat something light but nutritious before the interview so that you’re not distracted by hunger pangs during the conversation. It’s also helpful to take some time to relax and focus on your breathing, which will help reduce any pre-interview jitters you may be experiencing. 

Pretend You’re Excited 

Finally, one way to deal with job interview stress is by pretending that you’re actually excited about going into the interview! Not only is this method proven to reduce anxiety, but it can change your thought patterns. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong (which generally leads to more anxiety), focus on what could go right – the potential opportunity that lies ahead if everything goes according to plan!

How to Deal With Stress After an Interview 

Once your interview is over, make sure to thank your interviewer for their time and follow up with any relevant information they requested from you (such as references or a portfolio). You should also take some time afterwards to reflect on how it went and don’t forget to reward yourself for getting through such a challenging experience!

Remember that no matter what happens next, it’s important not to beat yourself up over any mistakes or perceived failures; instead, use them as learning opportunities moving forward. 

Job interviews can be intimidating experiences, but they don’t have to be so overwhelming if you take steps beforehand to prepare yourself mentally and physically for success. Utilize these tips for dealing with job interview stress, so that when it comes time for the big day, you can walk into the room with confidence knowing that no matter what happens during the conversation – you got this! 

Our team at Devonshire are always on hand to help prepare you for your upcoming interview and can help combat those pre-interview nerves! If you’re ready to take the plunge and start the hunt for a new role, get in touch today to see how we can help. 

And, last but not least –  good luck!

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