How to go about hiring graduates in digital design

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The late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once remarked: “Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it’s really how it works.”

This is especially true in the world of digital design, where there is a lot of complexity going on behind the scenes to make the outer interface look easy to use. Here is what to look for in an individual who will be capable of putting all of the elements in the right places.

Look for people who can code

For a digital design graduate, it can be immeasurably beneficial to know how to code. Even if that graduate isn’t intent on coding in their career, their coding knowhow can bolster their design skill.

It would also reflect well on that candidate if they have gone beyond the “bare essentials” by taking the initiative to add to their repertoire in this way.

Seek candidates who have relevant work experience

Many people who have just graduated in digital design are unlikely to have a brood to feed or mortgage repayments to make. For this reason, they could often be willing to undertake unpaid work experience – and what they learn in doing so can bode well for you.

They would have the opportunity to pursue their passions, making it easier for you to judge what experience to look for in a graduate for digital design.

Select people who will fit in well with your team

You have probably already assembled what is developing into a formidable team, with strengths in many different areas. Therefore, you might have reached the point of simply seeking to plug skills gaps here and there – but, in considering candidates, verify that they would suit your firm’s culture.

Would that culture allow the candidate to flourish in their creativity? There’s a chance that it might actually stunt their career journey – in which case, they may not stay with you for too long.

Don’t underestimate the importance of attitude

There’s an argument for attitude actually carrying much greater weight than knowledge in the digital design field. After all, without an attitude of positivity and curiosity, a worker might not spur themselves on to learn and develop their knowledge in the first place.

Furthermore, regardless of a particular candidate’s level of relevant talent, if they are unpleasant or egotistical, they could too easily undermine an otherwise harmonious atmosphere in your workplace.

Fortunately, whether you want new personnel for re-platform, re-launch or transformation projects and a digital design entry position, our London-based creative recruitment consultants can match you to the right people. To learn more about how, call us on 0203 047 4507.

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