Employee Appreciation Day: How you can show your appreciation

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Our Business Support Recruitment Consultant, Georgia Chevalier, talks through some easy ways you can show your appreciation to your team this Employee Appreciation Day.  

4th March marks Employee Appreciation Day, so why not take some time out of your day to show how much your employees or even fellow colleagues mean to you? 

After all, we spend the majority of our week with our co-workers and maybe the little boost they are needing right now can come from you. 

Here’s some easy ideas which you could do to really show your appreciation:  


Check-in call or chat 

A simple reach out to your employees and asking “hello, how are you, how was your week?”, whether virtually or in person, will make them feel thought of and could be a very simple but appreciated action. 


LinkedIn recommendation 

In the digital world that we live in, LinkedIn is the home of professional social networking. A recommendation on your employee’s profile is a really great personal touch which shows how much you appreciate what they bring to the team. 


Little gift 

Especially at the moment with many companies heading back to the office, maybe a simple present would put a smile on your employees’ faces and show how much you value them. A voucher or even a free lunch or sweet treat is a great token of appreciation… Sometimes little goes a long way.   


Virtual ‘happy hour’ 

If you’re looking for a team activity which brings all of your employees or colleagues together, especially whilst remote working, why not organise an hour in the week to have a non-work related chat, whether that’s plans for the weekend or what you’re watching on TV. Maybe this could be a welcome distraction. 


Early finish 

With our busy work schedules, we often work a little bit more than our standard hours. Why not grant your employees a little more ‘personal’ time by allowing them to finish early one day? It could make all the difference and allow them to do more of something they love or don’t do enough. Perhaps that’s going to the gym or maybe it’s spending a little longer with their children before bedtime!   


There are lots of ways you can show your appreciation to fellow co-workers and these are just to name a few. Sometimes the smallest acts of kindness can make all the difference.  

What are you doing for Employee Appreciation Day? Let us know and if you have any other points to add we would love to hear them, drop us a line on [email protected]. 


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