8 Tips to Make Your LinkedIn Stand Out

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If you’re a job seeker who doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile, then you’re missing a trick. And if you do, it’s important you’re maximising it’s full potential, especially if you’re on the hunt for a new job. Your profile is essentially an online CV, so it’s vital you keep it up to date, as you never know what opportunities are around the corner! If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve put together some tips to make your LinkedIn profile stand out.

Professional photo

According to LinkedIn, users with a profile picture get 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests, so it’s essential to have one! Although, be careful with what you put as your profile picture!

Remember first impressions count, and this will often come from the choice of photo you use. This isn’t Facebook. LinkedIn is not the right environment for selfies or pints of beer being held aloft. If an employer can’t imagine you in a work environment, then they won’t look any further.  Use a professional looking head-and-shoulders shot. If you don’t have one, stick on a smart outfit and ask someone to take a photo of you.

Recommendations from employers or colleagues

Endorsements from other professionals is a quick win in terms to making your LinkedIn profile stand out. You should aim to get them from different points in your career or studies to show your capabilities to your future employer. Think of them as mini references, so your future employer can get a snippet of what you’re like as an employee, and why they should want to hire you.

It can often feel a bit cheeky or awkward asking your boss or a colleague for a LinkedIn recommendation. But if you’ve done good work for them, they will be happy to oblige. Just make sure you ask them before sending the recommendation request through LinkedIn – it’s the more respectful way of doing things, and they’ll be more likely to comply. If you’ve had a good working relationship, you can even offer to return the favour and they’ll be more inclined to do so. A win-win for both parties!

Spelling and grammar

It may sound obvious, but please avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. Proofread everything before you put it live on your profile. Spelling mistakes indicate a lack of attention to detail and poor communication skills. It’s an easy mistake to avoid, so don’t make it.

If you struggle with spelling and grammar, ask someone to cast their eye over it to spot potential errors, or use free tools such as Grammarly to ensure your profile is proofread and ready to go.

Be active

Being active on LinkedIn are more likely to be favoured with LinkedIn’s algorithm, meaning that your chances of standing out to a potential future employer are heightened.

If you enjoy writing, why not share some of your work on your profile? This shows your passion and knowledge in your sector and is a way to become visible and noticed on people’s feeds. It would also create a great talking point in interviews and can spark up some interesting conversations with your connections.

Joining groups with like-minded people is often overlooked and is beneficial to all users! If you’re a marketer, for example, you should be a member of some marketing groups. It’s a good chance to make new connections and to showcase your knowledge and experience. However, don’t join a group with the sole intention of spamming them with requests for work though. It will make a bad impression and will be more likely to get you banned than to get you a job.

Think of your job history as a CV

The company, job title and a brief outline of what the role entailed is essential in the ‘experience’ section of your profile. Think of your LinkedIn profile as an online CV and include the same sort of information that you CV includes – albeit slightly abridged.

Keep the information concise yet informative. LinkedIn has a word count for this section, and readers want to be able to scan your information easily. Show your responsibilities and experiences along with results you’ve achieved so users can get a snapshot of what you’re capable of.

Specify your niche

How will the right employers find you unless it’s clear what you’re looking for? Put that information front and centre in your headline and summary. If you feel that it’s fitting you can be creative with this, whilst still providing all the relevant information to ensure you stand out. By being clear with what you’re looking for, you’ll attract the right people. Recruiters use keywords to find potential candidates, so make sure these are on your profile!

Show off your work

LinkedIn is more dynamic and interactive than your traditional CV, so if you have a portfolio to show off, do it! Showcase some of your best and most recent work. You could include articles, images, PDF’s, external links etc. This is particularly useful if you’re in the creative field, as you can easily present what you have to offer.


Only having one or two connections can make it look like you’re not serious about networking – and, by extension, about advancing your career. Time to start connecting.

Connect with previous and current colleagues, lecturers you have a relationship with at university, your friends and family and those who influence you! If you want to connect with someone and you think it would be beneficial for you, send them a request! If you don’t personally know this person, it’s best to include your reasoning for why you want to connect when you send the invitation.

By actively engaging with other people’s content that you find interest or is relevant in your field, you can build relationships from that, which leads to more connections!

Once you’ve made sure you’re LinkedIn profile is up to speed, you’ll attract the right people! If you want to be in the know of Devonshire’s latest roles and news, be sure to follow us or check out our website.



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