7 reasons why you should continue your job search in December

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Our Marketing Recruitment Consultant, Chloe Whitelock, discusses the reasons why you should continue your job search over the festive period.

I hear so much from the job seeker market that “I suppose everything slows up in the job market at Christmas” or “I guess December is no time to be looking for a job”…

Here’s some reasons why December 2020 is a good time to have your CV at the ready:


We’re busier than ever

Far from the Christmas slow down, did you know that December is quite often one of the busiest and effective months for recruiters? After 20 years in the space, I’ve rarely known a slow one. And despite the pandemic, this year is no different.


Onboarding has never been easier

Onboarding new starters has transformed this year. Remote and flexible working practices have accelerated into a good place, a really good place! We are no longer concerned whether your hiring manager is at their desk on the week you start, if their kids are off school that week or extra holiday is booked. Now, more often than not, your first day in the office is a case of opening your laptop on the kitchen table. The usual logistics of you having your office orientation, stapler and chair are minimised.


Hiring is still critical

With all of the sad news and noise of redundancies and job losses, plenty of companies are hiring, better still, these vacancies are business critical and your skills are in demand. Better to apply now, rather than waiting for the world to wake up in January.


Less applications means yours stands out

Because of the assumed December slump, less people apply for roles. This means recruiters are far more likely to take the time to take interest in individuals and push the requirements a little further. With fewer applications, yours is more likely to be noticed.


We all love a January starter

There’s nothing like a nice clean January start at the beginning of the year. Guess what? That means you need to be interviewing in December – latest! What are you waiting for?


Holidays just aren’t the same anymore…

…Which means interviews are easier to fit in. Like it or not, remote working means our home and work lives are more blended. Now we’re taking time off differently, managers aren’t booking the whole day off for the kid’s Christmas show, they’re nipping off to clap and shed a tear then coming back to their home office to work. Even if hiring managers are booked off on holiday, they’re more likely to be flexible and hop on a video interview for an hour then resume their online shopping from their lounge, rather than committing to commuting into their office just for one meeting.


What better Christmas present than a new job?

We’ve all written to Santa for that pair of trainers or headphones we’re after, but would you think about putting your dream job on your wish list?


So, there you have it. The team here at Devonshire are eager to speak to you about your December job search.

For more information, please get in touch with us on [email protected].

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