6 benefits of using a recruitment agency

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Our Managing Director, Samantha Crocker, talks through the benefits of using a recruitment agency if your company is looking to hire.

It’s no surprise the market is now flooded with a wealth of experienced talent and enthusiastic career seekers, who would not otherwise be looking for a new role.

Due to the pandemic, I’m asked at least three times a day if our Agency is still active. Well, the truth is, we are probably more active than we ever have been.

With that in mind, using an agency can be a lifeline to so many organisations that need to focus their core efforts on stabilising their business and looking after existing clients and employees, whilst creating a stronger foundation for the future. Here’s why:


Access the best

In general, agencies have access to some amazing candidates, both active and passive. Through continuous attraction, agencies can access pools of candidates who may not be reachable via traditional channels.


Specific sector experience and expertise

Periodically, time is definitely of the essence. By using an experienced sector-specific consultant who understands your business, the nuances of the market and the availability of candidates to suit your needs, you can fill a vacant role in days.



Quite simply, this is what we do and we can ramp up our turnover to suit your requirements. We spend our time researching the market, speaking to individuals, understanding ambitions and salary expectations and then matching them to vacant roles.


Value added

Not only identification and speed, our tools allow us to shortlist and present candidates who have been assessed and vetted.



Aside from all of the above, the real beauty of using an agency is you’ll receive one well-presented shortlist, showcasing 3-6 superstars all of whom have been interviewed, assessed and salary benchmarked. Essentially the hard work has been done, from hereon, it’s a game of culture fit and timing.


Front of mind

Your agency should be at the forefront of your mind when a new role presents itself. Not only will you have the opportunity to discuss, sensor check and consult with your recruitment partner, but you’ll have access to real time data, focused on your market, your sector and your business.


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