5 tips for working from home during winter

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Our Recruitment Consultant, Georgia Chevalier, explores a few ways you can give yourself a little boost if you are working from home this winter.

With so many of us now doing our ‘normal’ business from the comfort of our own home, days can pass without us leaving the front door or seeing someone in person.

We sit behind our screens interacting virtually and are perhaps left feeling less motivated than we would do during the bright summer months, as we look out to the dark and cold mornings… and even darker evenings.

Here’s some tips to give yourself a little boost while working from home during winter:


Fresh air

Optimise daylight hours and get fresh air when it is brightest. You could use your lunchtime break to go for a walk. Although during the winter it is a bit chilly and grey here in the UK, going out and getting fresh air will help to clear your head, ahead of a productive afternoon.


Working environment

Particularly whilst the British weather ‘does its thing’ outside, it is important to make yourself comfortable and warm while working. Wrap up (if needed) and sit in a well-lit working space, perhaps allowing yourself to forget how wintery it really is outside the window.


Stay in contact

For many of us, seeing work colleagues over video call has become the new norm, but it is still easy to sometimes feel isolated. Ensure you maintain daily interaction with some or all of your colleagues – not only is it important as a team, but it is good for your own wellbeing.



Take time for yourself to do things you like. Whether it is listening to a podcast, doing some exercise, having a bath or putting on your favourite film, some ‘me’ time around your work schedule is really important to relax and enjoy your spare hours in the day.


Eat well

Some days, especially when it’s raining or freezing cold, activities such as exercise or even cooking really do feel like the last thing on your agenda during a busy day at work. However, fuel your day with good healthy food, including foods you love! Small healthy changes to your diet can really go a long way.


Do you have any other tips for working from home during the winter? Please share them with us! Email us on [email protected].

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