3 reasons why you should look to a recruiter for your next job

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Thinking of making a career change? Perhaps you want to find a higher position, move industries or you’re even looking for your first opportunity.  

To save you the time of looking through endless job boards for available roles, have you considered contacting a specialist recruitment agency directly? 

We’ve listed a few reasons why you should reach out to a recruiter if you’re looking for a new job. 


They have access to a lot more opportunities 

Recruiters are working on numerous projects (roles) at one time and if you are already in contact with a recruiter, or even registered on a specialist agency’s database, you may get access to roles that haven’t even been advertised to the public yet. Therefore, if you reach out to a recruiter and tell them exactly what you are looking for, they will keep you in-mind if any suitable jobs come up and contact you directly to see if you’re interested. 


They save you time 

Scrolling through endless opportunities on job boards can be a bit tedious sometimes, right? Well, if you directly contact a recruitment agency with what you are looking for, it could save you loads of time. Instead of making applications and cover letters, the recruiter will come to you if they think you are suitable for a role without you needing to do anything but have an updated CV at hand.  


They can guide you through the process 

Recruiters know the full hiring process inside-out. They also know their clients well and exactly what they’re looking for so you won’t find yourself going into an interview without having some sort of brief about what’s going to happen. They can help prep you for your interview but can also offer CV and portfolio guidance so you can make sure you stand-out as a great candidate for a role.  

You’ll also be regularly updated by a recruiter throughout the process, who will provide you with feedback so you know exactly what’s going on. This one-to-one guidance will be sure to make you feel a lot more at ease throughout the process so you can put yourself in the best possible position to secure your next role.  


If you are looking for a new role in Presentation Graphics, Creative, Digital & UX, Content, Sales & Marketing, Business Support or Finance & Legal, then contact us here – we would love to help! You can also see a full list of our live roles here. 

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